Ian Irvine (Hobson)

Welcome to my site! I’m the ‘Ian Irvine’ responsible for publishing two novels and various short stories. I’ve also had poetry, lyrics and nonfiction published/performed/distributed etc. in various places and I work as an editor and writing teacher. My areas of interest include: the New Sciences and Creativity, Ennui and alienation in history, Post-postmodern Poetics, Transmedia Storytelling, contemporary poetry and fiction and Transpersonal, Jungian and Relational Cultural Psychologies.

Projects: Songs of the Interstitium (a transmedia project), The Zoetics Institute: Creativity for Meaningful Change, Scintillae 2012 (a literary/writing anthology), Interstitium (band project) and Goya’s Child (1) [band project 1991-1994] and The Animist (electronic literary/cultural ezine 1998-2001].

FIVE BOOKS (with Purchasing, Viewing and/or Google Books Links):

The City of Quartz (novel 2016). Google Books ref. Australian readers best price (as at Nov 2016).
Dream-Dust Parasites (novel 2003). Google Books ref. Australian readers best price (as at Nov 2016).
The Angel of Luxury and Sadness (nonfiction book 2001). Google Books ref.
Facing the Demon of Noontide (poetry collection, 2000). Google Books ref.

AS CO-EDITOR: Scintillae 2012 (Anthology of 52 central Victorian Writers). Google Books ref.

See also: Ian Irvine’s (Hobson)  list of Australian literary related publications at Aust. Lit database (NOTE: some international literary, as well as all non-lit related publications, are absent from this list – including for example The Angel of Luxury and Sadness). Click the following for a comprehensive  publications list.

So … are you at the site of the right ‘Ian Irvine’? I say this because many of my publications and activities get mixed up online with the Australian fantasy and eco-thriller writer ‘Ian Irvine‘ (PS: I admire his writing, we both live in Australia and we both have PhDs, confusing huh?). However, we are not the same person … really :)! Nor am I the British writer Ian C.P. Irvine (though I also admire his writing and note that we are both deeply connected to Scotland – in my case my father is Scottish). Never the less, we are not the same person … really :). One day, perhaps, the three of us might end up on a panel together (perhaps with another Ian Irvine acting as the ‘host’) … fun and games for the audience on that day!

So, whether you have the right ‘Ian Irvine’ or the wrong ‘Ian Irvine’, please feel free to sample the writings and links on display at this site.

Latest News:

Check out: The City of Quartz (a novel), book one of the Songs of the Interstitium transmedia projectCirtyofQuartzCoverdraftApril2016SMALLER

Zoetics: Creativity for (Meaningful) Change:

Although working across multiple genres – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, music, etc.  – a number of key ideas about creativity are behind the various projects on display here.

Read about the Zoetics Instititute (founded with Sue King-Smith)
[Go to:
 Zoetics Philosophy Statement & Zoetics Institute (main website)].

NON-FICTION – Academic and Creative

Readers can access sample chapters from three non-fiction projects here:
1) The Angel of Luxury and Sadness (a book on Chronic Ennui and Modernity based on PhD research completed in 1998) [See Amazon.com site for print book publishing & purchasing details];
2) a book on Jungian Psychology, Quantum Physics and Creativity entitled Hermes (Unheralded) God of the Postmodern Transitionand;
3) sample chapters from another more personal book on creativity entitled Muse of the Long Haul: Thirty-One Isles of the Creative Imagination.


Poetry samples from five recently published (2011-2013) ‘digital chapbooks’:
1) Poems of the Interstitium (miscellaneous poems published in journals etc. between 1998 and 2012);
2) Coral Reveries: Darwinian Poetics  (poems inspired by Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle[See also version at SCRIBD];
3) The Alchemical Sequence (poems inspired by spiritual alchemy);
4) The Vietnamese Sequence and
Hermes and the Philatelic Construction of the Multiverse (poems inspired by a childhood fascination with philately).

There are also samples from:
6) Facing the Demon of Noontide (published in 2000).


Links to the literary-dystopian SF novel Dream-Dust Parasites (written as Ian Hobson and published in 2003). See also The City of Quartz to be published soon.


This site also contains information regarding co-editing duties related to the following literature/writing journals and anthologies: Scintillae 2012 (a print and digital literary anthology); The Animistelectronic journal of the arts (7 editions, 1998-2001); and Bendigo TAFE's student writing journal Painted Words (9 editions, 2005-2013) [See also individual PW editions at Central Victorian Writing Journals].


Information and song samples related to two alternative rock/experimental bands Ian has worked with – Interstitum and Goya’s Child – can also be accessed here.
1391041839_IntrrstitiumCairnpappleScotlandGoyanimationSOME KEY EXTERNAL SITES

*My long-standing pages at http://authorsden.com/ianirvine
 * Extensive author bio - at SCRIBD (or AD summary: Ian Irvine (Hobson) bio Authorsden.)
 * Interstitium (music project) at Reverbnation.com/Interstitium
 * A range of my articles/essays, poems, book extracts and fiction is available at Scribd. 
 * AudioBoo Podcasts - Music, poems and talks/lectures (extracts/ samples): http://audioboo.fm/iirvine
 * You-Tube 'channel' (music and travel videos) go to: You-Tube Channel View 
 * To connect with me at Linkedin - go to: Linkedin Profile.The Animist electronic journal of the arts - 1998-2001 (7 editions archived by Pandora e-text preservation sit, National library of Australia, Canberra, Australia.
 * For more general biographical details at Aust Lit database go to Aust Lit database (very incomplete but useful).
 * Twitter account


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